A Backyard Farm

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At A Backyard Farm, we design, install, plant, teach, and maintain organic vegetable gardens for you right in your own backyard. We use an intensive planting method, which is especially suited to the urban setting. We build a variety of raised and standing height beds bringing in a special soil mixture so you do not need to worry about soil contaminants such as lead and arsenic that are frequently found in urban soil. We utilize vertical growing structures and “succession planting” to maximize production in a small space. This means you need less space than the traditional garden plot.

From rooftops, patios and parking lots to backyards, businesses and collaborations, our company provides a full array of services to schools, families, communities and therapeutic programs. Partner with us to enhance your health and wellness initiatives, support children’s interest in learning about nature and growing their own food, in building community cohesion or add value to your multi-housing development.