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Backyard Getaways

Five landscapers from all over Minnesota showcased their expertise with using Backyard Getaways as their inspiration and theme! Click Here for more details.


Garden Stage

The Garden Stage now in Lower Wilkins will be integrated into one of our Gardens and will offer presentations revolving around remodeling, interior design, and landscaping!  Attendees will get budget saving tips, DIY ideas and education from local speakers and our national celebrity, Chris Lambton.

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Careers in Trades Sponsored by Seek Careers & Staffing

Want to know about job skills for various trades? Now is your chance to inquire about local jobs in the industry! From plumbing and roofing to tiling and landscaping, get your project started, or back on track with a little help from our experts. They’ll provide you with the advice, resources and help that you need-free of charge!  You won’t want to miss any information that will kick your renovation into gear!


Make It, Take It

Friday 1-7 pmFeb. 14Cheers Pablo – painting classes
Sat  noon-5 pmFeb. 15Carver Junk – home décor
SundayFeb. 16Minnesota State Horticulture Society – fresh florals
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CHECK OUT PET ADOPTIONS Saturday, Feb. 15th in our Lower Wilkins to the left of the Gardens!

Chuck & Don’s, our feature partner is a destination pet food and supplies retailer offering brand name and specialty products with a passion to help pets and pet parents thrive in their communities using positive nourishment and stronger bonds. Chuck & Don’s combines engaging team members, product selection, and resources to simplify and enhance pet care.

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Garden + Outdoor Market in Lower Wilkins

Our Garden Market will feature the latest in bright flowers, plants and garden décor to take yards from dull and drab to bright and beautiful: Lower Wilkins