Make It, Take It

Attendees can got their hands dirty and had the chance to work on a fun project that they got to take home with them.  Projects created and led by the Minnesota State Horticultural Society.


resized Kokedama with Fern

Kokedama Workshop

The Kokedama Workshop took place over the weekend of February 15th-17th, 2019 and was $25 

Kokedama is a traditional Japanese decorative moss ball. Literally, Kokedama translates as "koke" moss and "dama" ball.

A form of Japanese garden art that is centuries old and related to bonsai, kokedama is a unique way to present and display plants. The moss ball is the focal and supporting point for a sculpted tree or plant which is then displayed on a platform or suspended from string with the plant growing out from the sphere.

Workshop included a brief history and description, demonstration including planting, care and guided work time. Participants took home a finished kokedama.

Workshop tickets available HERE. Please note that show tickets are separate and can be purchased HERE.  

resized MSHSlogo[converted]The Minnesota State Horticultural Society (MSHS) has been cultivating cold-climate gardeners for over 150 years through access to gardening resources, community engagement, educational programs and the award-winning magazine Northern Gardener.

Since 1988, the MSHS program Minnesota Green has served the greening efforts of volunteer gardeners throughout the Twin Cities and the region. Minnesota  Green distributes donated seeds, plants and gardening tools and supplies to community gardens and public green spaces. With its support, gardeners are able to beautify their neighborhoods, grow their own healthy food, and strengthen their communities. 

Started in 2008, the Garden-in-a-Box program was created by MSHS to teach vegetable gardening to kids so they could learn where their food comes from and make healthier food choices. MSHS distributes vegetable gardening kits and offers educational opportunities to community groups serving low-income and at-risk children and families. Garden-in-a-Box reaches participants throughout the state of Minnesota.

resized Fleur de Louise logo_High_PNGfleur de louise workshop

The spring wreath workshop took place on Friday, February 15th, 2019.

Using fresh materials that dried in place attendees made a beautiful wreath to welcome the coming spring. Dried wreath can last for several months. Finished wreath is approx 12"

Cost: $28 per student. Cash, check or credit card accepted. Limit 25 students

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